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About The Mama Bear Yogini

What started as a blog to get all my thoughts out (without overwhelming The Hubs), has now transformed into a yoga and holistic wellness coaching biz! I help Mom's who desire a healthy lifestyle, but aren't willing to give up the life they have already made for their family.
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What My Wonderful Clients Say...

  • "Beth keeps me motivated to make time for my yoga. If she can do it everyday with 3 kids, there is no reason why I can't do it with 2."

    Lacie J. 1:1 Yoga Coaching
  • I tried to do yoga on my own but couldn’t learn from the videos I found. Beth took time with me....she held each pose and let ME describe what I saw, giving correction and explanation as needed. She then put the poses together into an easy-to understand walk through of the Sun Salutation. I have been doing yoga every day since then ....over the past 3 months. I can see the results - I can stretch farther, I can hold a pose longer, and my clothes are fitting better. I wanted the benefits that yoga could give me, and Beth made it possible for me to fit yoga into my life in a simple and understandable way. I feel great!

    Andrea K. 1:1 Yoga Coaching

Some Words of Wisdom