How to Keep Your Zen After You Step Off The Mat.

I’m sure we’ve all been there, just finished a great yoga session and now it’s time to get back to everyday life. So you roll up your mat and leave your yoga area, only to be greeted by screaming, bossing kids. Or you leave your favorite yoga studio, only to hit rush hour traffic. Now that amazing zen state you achieved during your practice is leaving, and fast! What’s a yogi to do???

Lucky for you, I have actually been working on this issue myself and I am here to share with you my tried and true tips for calming the stress back down and being able to keep more of that zen state, even when you are in the middle of a crazy, hectic life (something my three kiddos make sure I know a lot about).

Keep your Zen flowing even after the yoga practice os over.

One of my biggest things I struggle with is once I step off the mat and back into reality, I’m usually met with screaming, bossing, pooping kids. They need a snack now! A poopy rear-end needs to be cleaned now! They are mad that I didn’t give them the correct colored cup and its seriously the END OF THE WORLD! So I get flustered, I get frustrated that they can’t let me enjoy my amazing practice I just finished and feel like I’m actually absorbing the mental and emotional benefits of it. So what do I do to make sure I don’t totally throw away the amazing feeling I just worked up for myself?

Keep that zen flowing!

  • I sing. No literally. If I feel myself wanting to yell, which is one of the quickest ways for me to lose my zen buzz, I sing what I want to yell. “I’m sorry I couldn’t find the right colored cup, but I assure you it tastes just the same,” but in a sing -songy type voice. “I am the Queen of this house, you are just the princess, so please stop being so bossy to Mama.” Of course sung in my most Queenly way possible. Try it sometime. When you want to yell, just sing it instead. It will keep your zen, and even make you smile and chuckle at yourself, which only enhances the warm fuzzy feelings!
  • I drink. Ok, so that sounds horrible, but when you are feeling frustrated and want to totally lose your cool, stop and take a drink of water, tea, coffee, juice, whatever. Just taking that one extra second before you freak out will give you a change to regain yourself, regain your composure, and remember how (probably) trivial that thing you were just about to go crazy about is.
  • I joke. Joking around with yourself is such an amazing stress reliever. I actually bought a sign for my house the other day that says “Home is Wherever My Bunch of Crazies Are.” This sign really spoke to me, because anyone who peeked into my window on any random day would think we were a bunch of crazies. Were always running around, some times yelling, sometimes fighting (the girls for real, my husband and I playing around), sometimes singing and dancing crazily. So I joke around that my kids might be crazy, but they are MY crazies. So when one kid yells and cries that I got them the wrong colored cup, I joke, “You are so right! How on Earth could I think the red cup could ever replace the blue cup. Mom just doesn’t understand!” Then I explain that they were in fact using the red cup to begin with and they loved their drink earlier. They begrudgingly let that explanation suffice and go about their business. I then joke to myself again “Mama Bear, you just do not understand that girl, clearly.” Which is only half a joke because most of the time I don’t.
  • I leave. Sometimes the best way to clear out the stress and regain your composure is to leave the situation. Not always applicable, but after making sure each kid is cared for with whatever demands they were demanding, I just take a quick step into my backyard and take a moment to breathe. It only takes a second of fresh air to clear away the gray clouds that were forming in your head.
  • I get back on the mat. Lets be honest, there are just some days that the demands of life are overwhelming and there is just nothing you can do about it at that moment. You can never step on the mat too many times in the day. There are sequences to do mid-day for a quick pick me up. You can do yoga before bed to help erase the stresses of the day and help you get a great nights sleep. There are detox sequences you can do for a quick wringing out of all the negatives and help you breathe in the positive vibes. Heck, even a quick Sun Salutation will give a boost of energy and a nice little shot of happiness!

I know I used my kids a lot in my examples, because I wanted to share what it is that I do and being a stay at home mom, my days revolve around kid things. However, I hope there are ideas here that you can use and translate into anything that you do. If you are in an office, you can sing, or take a quick drink, or make a joke. If you are a teacher, a retail worker, a work at home parent, whatever your job is, I hope you can find a way to use these tools to help put a little peace into your day, and chase away the nasty little buggers that get into our heads and hearts and make us unhappy.

Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear what helps you chill out fast in a stressful situation. Or if you tried one of my go-tos and they helped, I’d love to hear that as well!
Just remember, keep your thoughts positive and your heart light and you always find happiness!

Namaste my friends!

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  1. Love your sense of honesty and light hearted approach, was a stress therapists for 17 years never thought to add signing 🙂

    1. Thank you! We do a lot of singing in our house and it’s something I enjoy and my girls do too. It was a lot of trial and error, but I’m glad I was able to come up with a few ideas the worked well!!!

  2. Andrea Kolczynski

    I love the idea of singing! My co-workers are in for a treat ?, but it is worth it to bring down my daily stress.

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  4. Great post, I was lost with the drink part then you brought me back with the water and tea haha. I do the same when I’m stressed at work. I go into a private bathroom, close my eyes and take 5 deep breathes, imagine I’m in a empty space bubble and create clouds in it. take about 6 or so minutes to complete. Sounds weird but it works perfectly for me. Great post!

  5. I forgot the singing! Totally saved my day as my nearly 2 y old is so frustrated (and sometimes frustrating;-) these days. She will start to talk soon I guess and she gets furious when I don’t understand what she means. And we have that falling on the ground when Mama won’t let you paint on the wall game a lot. So I totally get you and I for sure will start with yoga again. Need some ZEN over here. Thank you so much for your post:-)

    1. Oh yeah! I totally feel ya! The singing works best in my house for sure! I hope you do decide to get back on the mat! It will totally help with the Zen. Plus, you know someone you can turn to for inspiration! ?

  6. Singing instead of yelling sounds like a fantastic way to communicate with your kids! I always did that when I was swim coaching the little kids but I never really thought of it as a tactic, more just a way to make things interesting

    1. The singing is my favorite because it always takes us from a bad mood to laughing. It’s an almost instant change! I love that you use that too! ??❤️

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