Would You Believe a Yoga Workout Inspired This Post?

Today I hit a great point in my yoga journey. Yes we go through the poses and hope we are doing them right so we can lose weight, or whatever. However the poses we do in yoga and sequences of poses we do together are actually supposed to do things to our mind and body. They have a real purpose.

So today I did a sequence from my Asana Rebel app. It’s a good app, it’s uses beginner poses and puts them together with movement between them to create a great strengthening and sometimes cardio workout. The workout I did was titled Backbends for an Open Heart, there were only a few “backbends” but the heart opening poses really had a profound effect on me! I ended my practice today feeling energetic, inspired, full of love and really aware of my state of mind and emotions! I found myself inspired to write this post, I was trying new techniques with my kids to speak and act more lovingly (even when they are being bad and trying to drive me to the nuthouse!!) I’ll admit, sometimes I am one of the people who just goes through the motions and doesn’t feel the full effect, but today I felt it FULL FORCE! And it was GLORIOUS! If you’d like to try some heart openers, are the main heart opening poses done in that workout:(From top clockwise:) Reverse Warrior, Bow Pose, Side Plank, Upward Facing Dog, Extended Side Angle Pose.

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Give some heart openers a try and come back and comment letting me know if you felt open, positive and powerful, or any way you felt! I cant wait to hear from you!

Namate! <3

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  1. That’s just the app I’ve been looking for! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

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